Play the classic solitaire card game online .





The original FreeCell game. Unique feature of this game is that you can play the original Windows game levels.


A Classic Solitaire card game. Move all cards to the top right piles. The cards must have the same suit and must be in ascending order.





This is a remake of the original Solitaire card game. This solitaire game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards.




This is Forty Thieves solitaire. Use your skill and intuition to build the eight stacks of cards in as little moves as possible. Press 'i' for instructions.




Move all the cards to the piles in the upper right corner. The cards must have the same suit and be stacked in ascending order




A fun free solitaire card game. The objective of this card game is to make stacks with all cards in the correct order.




The solitaire game with a little added magic . Lose yourself in this classic solitaire card game for hours. The goal is to build stacks of cards from Ace to King.




Your goal in this solitaire game is to move the cards in suit from A to K, and in time, until all cards are removed.. 2 decks of standard playing cards are used in this game.





This solitaire card game is based on the Spider Solitaire card game. A free card game with relaxing background music.


Freecell Rules

At the beginning of the game the deck with 52 cards is shuffled and the cards are placed in 8 rows. The spaces on the left side are temporary spaces where only 1 card at a time can be stored. Complete series of cards are automatically placed on the 4 free cells to the right.

Cards may be placed on other cards that are one point higher in value and not of the same color. The cards are placed in piles in order from Ace to King. Series of cards can be moved if they are in the correct order and alternating color. The number of cards that can be moved as a block depends on the number of the free cells to the left. Try to ensure a minimum occupancy of the free cells for more freedom of movement during the game.

The game is finished when all the cards are placed in series in the vacant spots on the right.

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